From the mouths of babes… mostly.

Joy Fear & Poetry (La Boite Indie and Natasha Budd)

The Loft

July 10 – 20

In the lead up to La Boite Indie’s “Joy Fear & Poetry”, character profiles of the show’s protagonists were progressively revealed on Facebook. It was immediately apparent that the group of 8 – 12 year olds comprises ‘everyday’ modern children. And what the audience encounters during the show is exactly this… most of the time.

Although ”Joy Fear & Poetry” sees children sharing their perspectives of life and art through media interaction, before this, they ‘perform’ in a seemingly choreographed circus of (unnecessary) laser reflections and balancing acts. With such plentiful, unpredictable subject matter to explore in philosophising conversation between Dash Kruck and the children, it is disappointing that these honest discussions (whether they be of confidence, vulnerability or humour) are not explored to greater extent. Also, although technical confusions could perhaps be dismissed as the consequence of working with such a young cast, the concerns are still evident and act as distraction from the overall clarity of the show.

These critiques serve not, however, to diminish the intent of the production to share with audiences the innate curiosity that motivates children towards risk-taking and discovery. Indeed, we, as audiences, need to patron independent productions such as “Joy Fear & Poetry” for theatre to continue to challenge and excite. And in that, La Boite Indie serves an important role.

Joy Fear Poetry show pic

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