Wentworth women

Cards on the table … I’m a “Prisoner” groupie. It has been wonderful to experience so many of the Wentworth alumni on the Brisbane stage of late. Genevieve Lemon (Marlene), in “The Mousetrap”,  Carol Burns (Frankie) in “Elizabeth, Almost By Chance a Woman”, Collette Mann (Doreen) in “Head Full of Love”  and the penultimate  Top Dog Val Lehman (Queen Bea) as  Aunt Elmer in “Oklahoma”.  And it is now with much anticipation that I await seeing Amanda Muggleton (Chrissie) in Harvest Rain’s production of “Blood Brothers”, which opened at QPAC last week.

And is it any wonder? “Prisoner” is Australia’s answer to “The Bill” when it comes to talent pooling. Indeed, anyone who is anyone appeared at some point in its almost 700 episode run. Sure, the show might be laughably dodgy in dialogue, sets and staging (I’m thinking ‘fight’ scenes here), but this doesn’t mean these wild women of Wentworth can’t act. Now, it is theatre-patrons who are reaping the benefits of this talent.



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