Telling taboos

The Runaways

QUT, The Studio

August 7 – 10


While taboo subjects can be examined in all manner of artistic expression, nothing captures them with the immediacy of theatre. Indeed, when it comes to telling taboos, confidence and compassion are essential and “The Runaways” is abundant in both.

Capturing mixed and extreme emotions, the show reveals the story of two brothers who have escaped their hometown in order to follow their dreams of shared intimacy, despite its unconventionality. They live hidden away in a Cherry Bomb dream world of their own creation, soon to be shattered by revelation of their deep dark secret to their sister.

“The Runaways” is an original work, created as a part of the honours research program at QUT. And original it is, in the way it tackles dark issues in an empathetic manner, positioning audience members as voyeurs into the characters’ insular world of intense emotions. From the detailed set touches to the sound and lighting design, all elements of the production unite to envelope audiences into the fantasy Runaway world and it is easy to appreciate how this snippet of a show could be worthy of future, further development.

Perhaps nothing in theatre is more challenging than intimacy. But if it makes audiences consider attitudes towards issues, isn’t this achievement of one of theatre’s main functions?


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