Celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary

Northern Soul (Victoria Melody)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Visy Theatre

September 24 – 27


“Northern Soul” is an original one-woman show about Victoria Melody’s UK anthropological investigations living with pigeon fanciers for a year and learning to northern soul dance in stranger’s living rooms. Dull as this may sound, Melody finds poetry and comedy as she celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Victoria is an endearing performer in what is more musing of the national pastime quirks than traditional theatre performance. An authentic assortment of films, photos, dance and music complement her journey in this funny, engaging and self-deprecating performance. Her timing is spot on, but, more than this, so is her use of vocal cues and inflection to lead the audience to comic realisations.

Victoria rightly claims that the show is also a lot about herself and this is its appeal. She has a childlike, charming quality that endears hers to the audience. Indeed, her fascination with other people’s passions and unique way of looking at life is something from which we could all benefit.


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