From classical to the craper

An Evening with Kevin McCloud (AKA & Spiritworks)

QPAC, Lyric Theatre

October 30

“An Evening with Kevin McCloud” is the perfect vehicle for sharing the grand storyteller’s anecdotes and psychoanalysis of project builder personality types. McCloud’s self-deprecation is endearing. Indeed, there are many cheeky comic moments, as he considers his ‘telly-fluffness’ and ‘that theme song.’ Behind it all, however, is an infectious passion for architecture in all of its manifestations, ever so eloquently expressed. (For, from cities to spoons everything has a narrative.)

The show begins almost in lecture style, however, after intermission morphs into a mosaic of architect torment and audience involvement, culminating in a beat poetry performance and bespoke mention (to satisfy Grand Design drinking game aficionados). From classical to the craper, McCloud covers architecture is all of its guises, including as ‘frozen music’ and although the show feels a little drawn-out at times, it is an interesting evening of contemplation from the demigod of design.


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