The good, the bad and some memorable mentions

What an amazing year of theatre 2013 has been. So hard to pinpoint the highlights, but here are my Top 3.

  1. Delectable Shelter – Hayloft Project (Brisbane Powerhouse)
  2. Kitchen – Gob Squad – World Theatre Festival (Brisbane Powerhouse)
  3. Psycho Beach Party – A Little Ones Theatre Production – Brisbane Festival (QUT Theatre Republic)

And some other notable mentions:

  • Favourite event: World Theatre Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse
  • Favourite performers: Barbara Lowing, Jason Klarwein
  • Best ensemble show: Tequila Mockingbird (Shake and Stir)
  • Best musical: Blood Brothers (Harvest Rain)
  • Biggest laughs: Delectable Shelter (Hayloft Project)
  • Biggest surprise: Kitchen (Gob Squad)
  • Biggest letdown: Trollop (QTC)
  • Most overhyped: The Wizard of Oz (La Boite)

Not Brissy but worth a mention:

  • Best staging: Sydney Theatre Company’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
  • Best lighting: RSC’s Richard II

And what am I most anticipating in 2014:

  • QTC – Gasp
  • La Boite – Cock
  • La Boite Indie – 4000 hours

…. thus far.

2014… Bring it on!


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