Celebrating the hilarity and humanity within the everyday

Black Faggot (Multinesia Productions)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Visy Theatre

February 19 – 23

“Black Faggot” is a simple show; its stage is bare, lighting is unassuming lighting effects and there are no props or costumes. This allows for a focus on the content of show’s hilarious and sometimes poignant monologues, exploring relationships between family members, friends, lovers and strangers, within New Zealand’s Pacific Islander communities.

Performers Iaheto Ah Hi and Taofia Pelesasa embrace a number of roles with versatility, bringing the characters to life with impeccable timing and nuanced hilarity. Indeed, nothing is sacred and with its frequent course language and sex scenes, this is not a show for the prudish. However, such instances are all in good fun, forming part of the outlandish caricatures.

Although the performances are finely tuned, the fast paced script means there is, initially, some lack of clarity in separating characters. However, the major stories soon shine through, as does its ultimate message that ‘it does get better’. And as much as the ostentatious moments of octopus dance moves are riotously entertaining, it is the small intimate moments of fear and upset trying to ‘pray the gay away’ that give the show its humanity.

“Black Faggot” is an accessible show that not only celebrates the hilarity within everyday characters and stories, but also highlights the need to have more contemporary and urban Indigenous stories in theatres, alongside popular historical pieces. After sell out Fringe Festival seasons on both sides of the Tasman, the provocatively titled “Black Faggot” is a hilariously funny addition to WTF14.


Photo c/o – http://multinesia.wordpress.com/

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