One man show of silliness


One Man Show (Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Powerhouse Theatre

March 7 – 9

In their cheekily titled “One Man Show” Chaser boys, Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen take their audience back to school for an amusing (but not hilarious) journey through both topical and tried-and-tested comedy ground with brand new songs and sketches.

The show includes instruction on how to make your Facebook posts more annoying and the art of the obnoxious backpacker selfie. There is also a poetry lesson, featuring deconstruction of the Coles ‘prices are down’ advertisement and musical musing of the ad by Andrew Hansen incantations of John Lennon, Elton John and Bob Dylan.

Although the Chaser is known mostly for its political comedy, this aspect features only scantily within the show, with segments focussing on issues such as refugees and education. From the PM to Pyne and Campbell Newman line cuts, there is evidence of witty writing (and some ad libs) that endears the duo to the liberal-arts alumni type audience members within the crowd.

Rather than satire, however, the show represents a lot of silliness, complete with wild wigs and fake moustache mishaps. The sketches and songs are largely disparate, presenting nothing new in their themes. “One Man Show” is a formula show, but one which gives mainstream punters what they want. And the large crowd, (as one would expect for performers of such popular pedigree) seems to enjoy the ride.

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