Where to start?

Anywhere Theatre Festival

May 7 – 18

Tickets are now on sale for the 2014 Anywhere Theatre Festival, a 12 day fiesta of performance, occurring anywhere but in a theatre. The unique event, now in its fourth year, will run from 7-18 May, featuring a range of performances in the nooks and crannies of unusual locations around Brisbane’s city and suburbs.

The festival features performances from circus to comedy, dance to drama, poetry to puppetry, burlesque and music. And with 420 performances of 67 productions showing in 12 days, there is no shortage of choice in the program. From Meme Juice’s “Drunk Shakespeare” and Black Fox Theatre’s “Bard Wars VI: The Jedi Returneth” to The Rag Tag Band’s “Do It For Science” and Impromafia’s “Rimmelzwaan, Robinson & White: Improvisors at Law”, there is sure to be something for everyone.


The musically minded, for example, can join Brisbane’s Topology for a house party of groovy tunes, board games and fun-filled mayhem, while the musically inquisitive can visit “a library at the end of the world,” in which Vena Cava Productions attempts to catalogue the memories of every person on Earth using cassette tapes. 12 days seems barely long enough to explore all it has to offer.


Indeed, the Anywhere Theatre Festival represents theatre that is quite unlike anything else. With performances occurring in barbers, boats, bowls clubs and bathhouses, amongst other venues (there is even, for the first time, a performance in a hospital), the Festival certainly exemplifies a different way to engage in theatre and as a community. One look at the program and you are bound to find something (or things) exciting in its innovations, experimentation and engagement.

As a starting point, I would definitely recommend Violet and Veruca’s “Holepunch”, having seen it at last year’s 2High Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

But after that, where to start? That is the question.

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