Sisters are doin’ it for themselves

The Travelling Sisters Wig Out (The Travelling Sisters, Lucy Fox and Laura Trenerry)

Clothes may maketh the man, but wigs surely composeth the character. And what a range of characters there were on display when The Travelling Sisters fittingly performed their Anywhere Theatre Festival show at Paddington hair salon Fil-A-Bolus.

The riotously funny “The Travelling Sisters Wig Out” presents audiences with endearing characters ranging from troubled teenagers to ‘ukelicious’ folk singers. Each character is defined only by the choice of wig and some minor costume changes, and even though the transformations often occur in front of audience eyes, it is quite astonishing to witness the smoothness with which artists Lucy Fox and Laura Trenerry inhabit their characters in voice and mannerisms. Indeed, these are committed performers, full of intense, vibrant, vital energy. And the combined result of their talents is comic gold, even for those audience members recruited as performers as part of the show’s Blind Rendezvous dating game show segment.


The girls’ character creations share their stories in a collage of sketches, punctuated by packages and each one is hilarious. The pace of each piece runs well, and transitions are smooth, with the performers, never missing a beat. Musical performances are, similarly, clever and catchy. Who’d have thought a song about a fisherman, his wife and a talking catch could be so captivating?

The performances of both Lucy and Laura are outstanding; their comic timing and ad-libs are highlights of this very funny production. Each character easily draws audiences in to their world; such is their effortless comic mastery. The result is delivery of a clever celebration of all that is bizarre in a world of normality.

Go and see “The Travelling Sisters Wig Out”. Not only will you will laugh yourself silly, but such is the show’s sense of joy that when it is over, you won’t want to break the spell and leave the salon bubble.

You can find all of my Anywhere Theatre Festival reviews on the Festival website.


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