Moore Minogue

On A Night Like This – The Erin Minogue Story (Lizzie Moore)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Turbine Platform

June 15


You can’t escape the songs off your youth, but as “On A Night Like this – The Erin Minogue Story” shows, why would you want to? The biopic cabaret from Lizzie Moore includes pop numbers like Kylie’s ‘Hand on your Heart’ and Jason Donovan’s duet ‘Especially for You’. There’s even a Danni hit ‘This Is It’ (don’t worry, there isn’t very many of them).

As the fictional other, other Minogue sister, Erin has lived her life on the periphery of fame. She is not bitter; she’s opened the Erin Minogue fame school for Frankston’s brightest stars aged 3 – 8 (#nevertooyoung). However, she longs to be reunited. After all, she was dancing for free for Kylie long before the Logies. As she shares her lament, audience members are taken back to where it began and then on a decade by decade visual and musical journey through the lives of her superstar sisters. Indeed, the show makes the most of every interaction available: banter with the pianist D’aaren (it rhymes with L’Oreal), video interludes and audience participation that includes an all-in Locomotion number of chug a chug a motions and swinging hips.

But  as the story of two sisters and another sister, the show is about more than just the music, as Erin shares many (often humourous) imagined early memories from the days of auditioning for YTT, seeing her sisters’ soapies success and Kylie’s Inxsory ‘Suicide Blonde’ blossoming.

“On A Night Like This” is a deliciously entertaining step back in time (#seewhatididthere). Lizzie Moore is a peppy performer whose energy and humour are wonderfully infectious. When it comes to a joyous night of musical escapism to the nostalgia of youth, you should be so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky) to experience the Erin Minogue experience.

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