The Gold Coast theatre you have when you aren’t having theatre

The Short+Sweet Festival

Arts Centre Gold Coast

August 9 – 17


When it comes to theatre fiestas, Short+Sweet is the biggest little play festival in the world. Now in its 13th year, the festival features a series of 10 minutes plays, for those who prefer their theatre bite-sized. And it kicked off at The Arts Centre Gold Coast last week with a range of plays and cabaret shows (as part of this year’s additional expansion to included cabaret acts to complement the theatre strands).

The Gold Coasts’ Theatre Strand Two represented and eclectic mix of shows: from an ensemble detective tale to a reflective monologue of ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ type paranoia. Indeed, with themes ranging from the harrowing experience of abduction in “Triple Zero” to the comic exploration of the morning after awkwardness in “Morning Glory”, there was certainly something for all palettes. And credit must go to all the committed performers, particularly those of “Climate Change” and Underground Productions’ “Merry Fecking Christmas” for their impressive comic characterisations, the latter complete with credible Irish accents.

As the ‘winning’ production, “Morning Glory” will play in repeat performance at the Gala Finals at the Brisbane Powerhouse at the end of September. To see what shows might be joining it, check out the Brisbane strands playing at the Brisbane Powerhouse over coming weeks.

As a platform for the development of new, original work and showcase of artists’ talents, there is immense value to Short+Sweet as a provider of some of the exciting and interesting theatre, because it is all  too easy to keep within the comfort of the mainstream theatre culture.

If variety is the spice of life, then you won’t get much zestier than Short+Sweet As the theatre you have when you aren’t having theatre (now with added cabaret) it is bound to please, because a lot can happen in only ten minutes.

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