So much to say

Not Much To Tell You (Kaitlyn Plyey)

Metro Arts, Sue Benner Theatre

August 27 – September 6

There is something appealing about hearing an American accent recall a service (rather than gas) station anecdote. Curious as Kaitlyn Plyley’s backstory is, it is only part of what makes “Not Much To Tell You” such a fascinating experience.

Playing at Metro Arts, in conjunction with the Queensland Poetry Festival, the short show is predominantly one of words, including bursts of poetry amid powerful storytelling as Plylerdelivers recollection of personal experiences and ponderment of social expectations from her spot-lit centre-stage position, as she finds her voice in a world in which outsiders are silenced. Theatre is one of the most powerful ways to communicate ideas and from atop a milk crate she proclaims her feminist discourse in a manner that is engaging more than sermonising. In fact, the tone is often light-hearted, with topics touching on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine, lacrosse players and laundry.

not much to tell you

Solo shows are notoriously difficult to realise, yet Plyley acquits herself well and hardly falters in her transitions from storytelling to stand-up (although her intermitted, barely audible affirmations to self are frustrating and disengaging as an introduction to the performance). For a performer with not much to tell, Plyley has a whole lot to say; the show is about content as much as performance. As a piece of art, “Not Much To Tell You” encourages consideration of a number of interesting ideas, not only from its subject matter, but its unique fusion of genres.

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