Shooting for the stars

Point and Shoot (Holland Street Productions)

Theatre Republic, La Boite Studio

September 16 – 20

“Point and Shoot” is a unique theatrical experience, performed by four actors who sing, dance, rotate through over 50 roles, and play 16 musical instruments. The musical satire is set in the Hollywood of 2042 where ‘the independents’ have taken over the movie industry. Blockbusters are a thing of the past; movies are now art. However, this all changes when a has-been producer and ambitious young screen writer are offered the rights to an “I Love Lucy” style 1960s tv show by its creator’s granddaughter. Behold at the revolution as the quaint and homely housewife of ‘Selma Saves The Day’ becomes the action packed big budget blockbuster abomination ‘Selma 2042’.


It is a madcap plot, enhanced by frenetic costume changes and some hilariously clichéd film sequences. And this is its charm. It is a very cleverly scripted piece – full of catchy songs like ‘We’re Making Art’ and ‘Smart People want Smart Movies’, and some witty one-liners. The performances are excellent, with distinct characterisations despite the many different characters (especially from Erin Hutchinson), including a surprising ‘star’ cameo.

For the most part, the vocal work is tight, however, at times, a little more attention is needed to the sound mix to ensure that the music doesn’t drown out the singers, and also that their fast-faced lyrics are still comprehensible. And the switching of instruments mid-song, while impressive, serves little purpose beyond its novelty value and distracts a little from the fluency of some numbers.

“Point and Shoot” is an interesting, clever show, in its film noir nuances (including its red and black palate), melodramatic over-the-top storylines and ludicrous soapie-like plot twists. It is not absolute perfection, but it is a mayhem show of robust theatricality and a guaranteed good time.

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