Accents, antics and amazing vocals

Changeling (Camille O’Sullivan)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Powerhouse Theatre

January 30 – 31


Irish interpretative singer Camille O’Sullivan is a bit of a nutbag, in an endearing, quirky, Bjork type way. This is seen not only in the accents and antics of her “Changeling” cabaret show, but its song choice and pacing. From its quiet, introductory strains of Nick Cave’s introspective ‘God is in the House’ to her dramatic, yet hilarious version of Tom Wait’s ‘God’s Away On Business’, it is clear that this is not your usual cabaret, but something entirely unconventional, unique and totally unforgettable.

O’Sullivan, who appears at the Edinburgh Festival most years to test out new material for her extensive touring schedule, often interprets male voices, with the songs of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, amongst others, prominent among her repertoire. And in doing so, she does not disappoint, taking audience members to new places with old favourites. Indeed, her show ending and show stopping ‘The Ship Song’ serves as an absolute highlight, including as it does, an audience sing-a-long of this soft and sexy ballad.

This is perhaps as conventional as the show gets. An amazing acapella rendition of Jacques Brel’s ‘Amsterdam’, has the audience is awed silence, such is the power of O’Sullivan’s beguiling, husky theatrical voice. And luscious lighting serves only to complement her sublime sound, enticing listeners to sit back and enjoy the ride. Each song is a journey, as is the show itself, as she sheds costumes to reinvent her persona for each charismatic audience interaction. “Changeling” is the most multi-faceted of cabarets – beautiful, bizarre and guaranteed to have you mischievously meowing all the way home, even if you are dog person.

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