Cereal comedy chaos

Spaghetti for Breakfast (Sam Simmons)

Brisbane Powerhouse

March 17 – 22

Science shows that there is a path to be followed by ‘normal’ stand-up comedians, beginning with talking to audiences about the differences between men and women, and ending with a highly paid morning FM radio gig. By this definition, Sam Simmons is far from a normal funny man. He swears at lot, doesn’t do relatable humour for he is way more comfortable with silliness and this certainly shows in his latest work. “Spaghetti for Breakfast” is one of the messiest, strangest shows around as Simmons spends an hour losing his shit on stage about things that shit him, from plastic bags to Batman, bananas and breakfast cereals.

Like a demented gangster clown, dressed in white underwear, he discusses cats of all kinds: fighting, rich and dead and the joy of jeans, amongst many, many topics. Silly as it is, the show is far from slick; some bits go on a bit long and a few don’t go anywhere, at our show, he fled the room in chase of some audience members who left the theatre within the opening moments. But his randomness is so rapid fire that this serves as somewhat of a reprieve… for this is what makes Simmons so different to ‘middle aged comedian wankers in jeans at the mic telling it how it is.’ Whereas mainstream comics spend time setting up premise before payout, Simmons belts out joke and joke, meaning that you will find yourself laughing more on a night out at his show than any other.

Props feature heavily as he shows off his burrito balancing skills (amongst others), yet some remain entirely unexplained. Indeed, it is difficult to guess where each moment is going to lead, because, we soon learn, there are a lot of things that shit him.  There are some strange songs and some hilarious impressions, but also some dark and deeply personal references to his troubled childhood of Mum’s lessons. However, life is, as he notes, about choices. Goodness can come from badness and despite his fears, one can surely see what a great Dad he would be.

BPH2_Sam-Simmons_1_20151-1180x663 - Copy

Like a giant, crude human olive, Simmons is a comedian to try at least once, unless your name is Linda and you work in Marketing. He is one of this country’s most talented comic minds, zany, fearless and really quite ridiculous. Although he is a cereal Brisbane Comedy Festival performer (see what I did there), this is his best work yet, not because it is tinged with truth but because it is just so, so funny.  For that is the oxymoron that categorises a Simmons show – guaranteed hilarity from the most randomness of happenings.  And comedy punters can only toast to that. (Toast, get it?)

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