Once upon a timey-wimey

Who, Me (Rob Lloyd)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Graffiti Room

December 3 – 6


Rob Lloyd looks a bit like David Tennant. Let’s start with that because as he notes during his solo Doctor Who themed show “Who, Me”, no review is complete without this mention. Beyond this however, there are other similarities with the Doctors of the modern era as he whirlwinds through the show’s exposition of putting The Doctor on trial with a Matt Smith mania. Even for fans, it’s a little confusing to follow at first with Lloyd leaping between characters of prosecutor, witness, younger self and current self, and a lot of time is invested in setting up the imaginary courtroom and pseudo-trial scenario of which the audience is a part (in role as the ladies and gentlemen of the jury).

Things settle when focus shifts to Lloyd himself and his beginnings and history as Doctor Who geek living in country New South Wales, and the lengths to which he went to deal with a passion that became obsession, complete with photographic evidence and explanation of why Jon Pertwee is his Doctor. There is touch too on other geek references to “Back to the Future”, and obsessions like Joss Whedon (before Marvel) and “Star Wars”, including promise of a 2016 show, based on the force franchise.

With its attack eyebrows, Allons-y and all sorts of alike references, fans of both the classic and contemporary series are sure to love every wibbly wobbly timey wimely moment of “Who, Me” with both of their Whovian hearts and it is of little surprise to see the season virtually sold out pre-opening. (Strange that a show with such obvious appeal would be placed in such a small location as the Graffiti Room).

If you want to hear what happens when the 13 Doctors walk into a bar, then this is the show for you. Plus there is addition of a hilariously entertaining interpretive dance sequence of each Doctor’s reign and regeneration. But even occasional viewers, can be engaged by its Timelord references and especially the personal story segments and tales of Lloyd’s drama nerd and teaching days, from this genuine, enthusiastic and endearing performing.

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