Cindy’s search

The Cindy Twitch (Genevieve Butler)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Graffiti Room

December 10 – 13

When local comedienne and theatre-maker Genevieve Butler appears on stage as Cindy in the “The Cindy Twitch”, she is almost ethereal in Midsummer appearance of ballet shoes and white linen dress. Backdropped by fairy lights and trinkets, including the fairy tale books that remain as sole legacy of her mother, the scene is entirely befitting the one-woman show’s initially romantic themes as she searches for her Prince Charming. (Cue audience participation as contestants for an amusing Tinder segment which serves as show highlight). Once she has met and married in a fairy-tale affair, however, there is an abrupt shift in tone to a decidedly adults only discussion of what comes next after love, as the answer includes pornography).


Butler is a comfortable, charming performer whose comic skills shine most in amusing ad libs in banter with audience ‘volunteers’. However, latter segments appear more as lectures than marital interaction, intent of ensuring audience members leave with clear feminist appreciation of the misappropriate of traditional female archetypes within the porn industry. Indeed, pacing lags a little as the work progresses, with maybe more subtlety needed through its stark shift in tone. Still, serious themes aside, “The Cindy Twitch” provides an interrogation of modern romance that is not only entertaining, but engaging in its insanity (just like love) and, as a new work, it will surely tighten its balance as it goes on.

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