Dance deee-lite

Womanz – Jou’re Welcome (Tessa Waters)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Turbine Studio

December 10 – 13

When Deee-Lite’s hit ‘Groove Is in the Heart’ begins with the words “we’re going to dance and have some fun”, as part of a rock eisteddfod dance routine, it is the best possible summation of the show that is “Womanz – Jou’re Welcome”. Tessa Waters is self-assured, over-excitable and full of personality; she loves her body and wants to show it off, quirks and all. And what better way to show your stuff than through some “brilliant and amazing rhythmic dance skills”, because life is all about what makes you truly happy and for her, that is dance.


Far from any initial perceptions of superficiality, Waters’ show is as much about her own body as it is yours. This is the only real through-narrative which works a treat given the organic nature of the feisty one-woman show. Waters is goofily funny and charming in her commitment to getting a laugh, responding to audience interaction with ease, such as during a participatory dance routine, which sees audience contributions sit alongside her instructional krumping and body roll moves. Set to a feel-good soundtrack, it is a shared experience of the most enjoyable kind, like the show itself. And whether you like yoga or not, you are sure to enjoy this unique and fun comedy workout.

For a great group night out, put on your party pants and get along to “Womanz – Jou’re Welcome”. It’s all quite silly but it is silly in the best possible way, set to have you up on your feet and loving every minute of it thanks to the warmth and humour of its larger the life performer. Not only will there be chance to strut yours stuff, but some life lessons too, as Waters shows how to turn a walk of shame into a strut of fame. (Jou’re welcome).

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