Stalking, songs and sexy faces

The Confession (Emily Vascotto)

New Globe Theatre

December 6

Fresh from her Short & Sweet winning (2015 Best Cabaret and Cabaret Artist) 10 minute cabaret Emily Vascotto has developed the story of a girl next door’s search for fairytale love to become the stand-alone work “The Confession”, in what is a winning cabaret combination.

The show’s themes remain, as she begins with lament of the lack of love as promised by Disney movies … the kind of love that’s worth key changes, she reminds us in a soaring opening number. When the focus moves to memories of her first kindergarten boyfriend, Vascotto’s performances shifts convincing to that of a young girl, full of child-like randomness and always very funny. Indeed, these added sections about pre-school ‘romance’ and advice for high school girlfriends scorned, are show highlights in both song and banter.


In performance, Vascotto is confident and committed in her self-deprecation and the show is all the more stronger because of it. Enthusiastic in pursuit for love in all the wrong places, she soars her way vocally through a range of songs, crooning jazzily, belting like a musical diva and breaking into rap with equal energy and skill… not to mention some memorable dance moves and sexy faces.

Songs such as ‘Screw Loose’ and ‘Girl Next Door’ (as featured in the work’s first incantation) are both clever and catchy and perfectly capture the irreverence of what is a full-of-fun show and are well-balanced with snippets of numbers like Adele’s ‘Hello’ and Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’, which are smoothly integrated into the narrative. This balance makes for snappy pacing that keeps the audience engaged for the duration of the show, despite a slight drag through a longer-than-necessary and rather random later segment about her destiny to be with Daryl the boy in her closet.

 “The Confession” is a sparkling cabaret show of all-round talent, worthy of audience time (because even stalkers deserve to find love right…?) Its combination of rich composition, clever narrative-premise and strong vocal delivery make for an entertaining evening of song and laughter that will hopefully only go from strength to strength as it continues to develop.


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