Swanson sings

Nick Offerman’s Full Bush (Live Nation)

QPAC, Concert Hall

February 5 – 6

If a world in which “Parks and Recreation” stars Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt rule as kings sounds like your kind of thing, then “Full Bush”, Offerman’s one-man show will not disappoint, particularly in its final song, ‘5,000 Candles in the Wind’ tribute (along with support act, Corn Mo) to the show in which he played the man, the legend, Ron Swanson.

Originally Offerman had been scheduled to tour a show “Summer of 69: No Apostrophe” with his wife Megan Mullally (Karen from “Will and Grace”). Sadly, a scheduling conflict meant that Mullally was unable to be part of the act. However, Offerman’s solo show replacement still serves up a hearty serving of chuckles and manliness… surprisingly
in song.Full Bush.jpg

The comedic artist and master carpenter presents a range of folksy type songs, on both handmade-ukulele and guitar, including a Ron Swanson-esque medley of woodworking songs set to Johnny Cash tunes. Topics also include Facebook, Siri, America and all that he knows about Australia and our upside-downy ways, not just in song but in the intertwining dialogue that takes audiences from a lengthy introduction on the need for maintenance of a full bush as mother nature intended, to a lovely musical tribute to the missing Megan, Queen of the Pixies.

Funny as it is to hear detail of how the humorist’s moustache is mere appetizer and his feelings about our wildlife, the highlight has to be each time he follows explicit, sweary observations with his infectious giggle.  And great as it is to hear the musical poetry of his gherkin/merkin type rhymes, the mention of intention to return to Australia with Mullally for “Summer of 69: No Apostrophe” is exciting for audiences, if not for our kangaroos.

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