Hashtagged hilarity


Judith Wright Centre, Performance Space

March 17 – 19

Two years on from their sold out debut at the Judy and the “#FirstWorldWhiteGirls” are back with their big hair, sense of superiority and a whole heap of hashtags. Having received a calling to help first world people with their first world problems, Tiffany (Judy Hainsworth) and her freinemy, self-confessed day-drinking trophy wife Kendell (Kaitlin Oliver Parker) are set to answer all in their hilarious cabaret show, including the all-important WWKKD… what would Kim Kardashian do.

This wistful Kardashian-themed song represents an early highlight amongst the ladies’ talk of the quest for fame courtesy of reality tv and laments about low hotel sheet thread counts and a lack of bespoke furniture. They aren’t high maintenance; they just want it the way they want it. And they aren’t afraid to be politically incorrect in their revelations (Their final number about wanting ‘a little black baby to match my new Mercedes’, complete with inset rap from Hainsworth, will inappropriately remain on repeat in your head long after leaving).


The problem with first world problems is that people make you think you have to downplay them. “#FirstWorldWhiteGirls” turns this notion on its head is a gloriously indulgent collective celebration. Its audience-shared problems represent some of the show’s most laugh-out-loud moments as we hear of people’s annoyance at not being able to check the BOM website to see it if it raining, frustration from Fitbits that won’t sync and social suicide of going out with an uncharged phone… unless of course you are too full from dinner to think of a first world problem.

audience sharing.jpg

From famers markets to food trucks, it seems that the first world is full of problems… real problems. And the tongue-in-cheek message of this satirical take on modern females is that if you have an Iphone, credit card or Nutribullet, you are not alone. Its original songs are catchy in delivery thanks to the spoiled songstresses’ fine harmonies. Filled with witty lyrics, they are each memorable in their own way in the hands of the exaggerated characters. Hainsworth’s ‘I’ve got FOMO’ is a fabulous example of her versatility as actor, singer and creater (she not only plays Tiffany but wrote all the lyrics and music). A mashup of Lorde’s ‘Royals’, Gwen Stefani’s ‘Rich Girl’ and Elvis’ ‘In The Ghetto’ is another highlight within a show filled with shocking but also identifiably-privileged first-world humour.

Photos c/o – https://www.facebook.com/firstworldwhitegirls


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