Entitled entertainment

Botox Party (First World White Girls)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Rooftop Terrace

March 7 – 12

When as part of his Brisbane Comedy Festival show comedian Rhys Nicholson made an Ivan Milat joke, it was to the gasps of some the audience in ‘oh no he didn’t’ shock. But that was nothing compared to First World’s White Girls’ song about accidentally hooking up with Gabel Toste (#toosoon?). Clever though the song is, however, it is not even the most memorable part of Judy Hainsworth’s and Meggan Hickey’s show, “Botox Party”, which is filled with up-to-date references, including a catchy song and dance routine for current newly elected President Trump, simply titled ‘Donald’.


The show’s songs all showcase some incredibly cleverly writing in their highlight of social issues and resulting social commentary. With light-hearted approach “Botox Party” balances topics such as climate change and Tinder misadventure, with labiaplasty and accessories. Laughs abound due to its politically incorrectness, relevant satire and cascade of comic moments. Add a touch of physical comedy and the celebration of self-privileged ego, written by Hainsworth, is nothing short of excellent.

Equipped with their at-hand Norwegian waters, trust fund princess Tiffany (Hainsworth) and Noosa’s own Maddison (Hickey), with help from Miguel from Mexico as accompanist (Max Radvan), are endearing in their narcissism and very, very funny… because sometimes the best comedy comes from being able to say things that you couldn’t otherwise. And clearly, people are letting their guards done as audience members themselves stand up and share their own first world problems about flight delays and downgrades, and missing “Married at First Sight.”


From the gentle strains of ‘Celebrity Died Today’ to the revealing final ‘Window Pane’ expose of the secret to a best-selling song, each song has its own unique and catchy melody and it is wonderful to see ‘Little Black Babies’ making a reprise from previous outings. Hainsworth and Hickey both showcase excellent vocals in their delivery whether together or in their solo numbers. Hickey’s “Snowflake” which comes complete with tap-dancing, trumpet playing and piano playing is hilarious in its steal of Tiffany’s limelight. And Hainsworth’s ‘Memory’ lament of pre-middle-aged late night partying and carb indulgence is perfect for share of some commanding vocals.

Even the most time-poor of everyday boring people need to find time for the gospel according to the entitled First World White Girls. And you don’t have to live by the bible of WWKKD (what Would Kim Kardashian do), accessories your active wear or carry around a cute extra-wrinkly dog as testament to your taste, to appreciate its laugh-out-loud comedy. “Botox Party” is about more than freezing your face; with its abundance of balloons, comically oversized syringes and pom poms, it is all about fun, fun, fun, fun.


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