Vulture Street voyeuring

Red Light Distancing

The Fate Container

June 10 – 11

“Red Light Distancing” is difficult to describe but easy to experience. The provocative two-night-only, site-specific work presented with the support of Arts Queensland and Chrysalis Projects, along with Shock Therapy Productions, exists like a terrarium, with rugged-up audiences experiencing it voyeuristically from the outside looking in. While soloists perform in rooms behind the glass of an urban shop front’s windows, audio from each room is simultaneously streamed via an app on audience member’s smart phones, allowing them to move their attention between dining, rumpus and studio rooms and the characters living inside each room, while hearing what the performers are listening to.

At times its 70-minute duration flies by in captivation of what is occurring on the other side of the glass as we choose our own adventure across the rooms and their occupants, which include a diverse range of talented performance artists from across genres, including Lachlan McAulay, Thomas E S Kelly, Lauren Watson and Sam Foster, amongst others. There are circus aerial acts that elevate the precarious of Janga to new heights and cultural storytelling alongside humour and burlesque feats not for the faint of heart. It’s quite fascinating at times and while the multi stream audio design supports some beautiful and intriguing moments, it could perhaps have enhanced audience engagement by the inclusion also of some snippets of the internal monologue type. Still, the part human art gallery, part sideshow, part performance art experience, imagined and directed by David Carberry, is rewarding in its uniqueness and opportunity to stop still in observation.

See it as a something-different discussion starter or as a because-art prequel to dinner somewhere in one of the endless West End eats options. Ticket purchase guarantees you access to the blocked off area and the audio stream, as well as the satisfaction of supporting local artists doing what they do best.

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