75 summarised

Earlier this month I reviewed my 75th Queensland Theatre show. Over the almost nine year journey to that number, there have been all range of experiences from comedy to drama and even a musical here and there, including my following deserving dozen highlight (because top ten lists as so clichéd).

  1. Boy Swallows Universe (2021)

More than just recreating Trent Dalton’s story, Queensland Theatre’s landmark production of “Boy Swallows Universe”, honoured the original text and transformed it as a work of its own, dynamic in its realisation and anchored around its theme of resilience.

2. FANGIRLS (2019)

Like a young adult novel set to music, 2019’s “FANGIRLS” was a funny, witty and relatable guilty pleasure of sorts, complete with important messages about gender-based hypocrisy within its celebration and vindication of misunderstood teenage fangirls.

3. Ladies in Black (2015)

Before they came back to wow us again, the Ladies in Black shopgirls first transported us to 1950s Sydney courtesy of catchy Tim Finn songs and fabulous frocks.

4. A Tribute of Sorts (2014)

“A Tribute of Sorts” stands of one of the company’s strangest, but most strangely rewarding shows as its black comedy introduced us to teenage cousins Ivan and Juniper and their variety show homage re-enactment of the 26 untimely deaths of a series of alphabetically named children.

5. Good Muslim Boy (2018)

A big-impact story of small moments, 2018’s “Good Muslim Boy” was both gripping and fascinating in its ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ tell of Iraqi-Australian actor, comedian and writer Osamah Sami’s ill-fated pilgrimage to Iran with his father.

6. Triple X (2021)

As the Queensland Theatre play that audiences waited a year for, “Triple X” provided a commentary on the complicated issues of gender and sexuality that was funny, honest and powerfully moving.

7. Return to the Dirt (2021)

Steve Pirie’s Queensland Premier’s Drama Award winning “Return to the Dirt”, inspired by his real experiences working in a funeral home, was not just an examination of what it means to die in the 21st century, but a very funny and moving night of entertainment.

8. Disgraced (2016)

Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer Prize winning one act play “Disgraced” presented an exceptional provocative examination of socio-political themes in its intense New York dinner party and aftermath presentation.

9. Bastard Territory (2016)

The confessional drama of 2016’s “Bastard Territory” was a beautiful story about people more than just ideas as it transported its audience back in time to ‘60s PNG 1975 NT, and then Darwin in 2001, as the city sat poised for political progress.

10. Brisbane (2015)

Brisbane’s namesake show gave its audience a historically nostalgic representation of the city in an epic story of its changing 1942 world that was about sensibility as much as its setting and characters.

11. Country Song (2015)

Michael Tuahine was every part the good-natured, clean-living ‘Gentleman Jim’ in 2015’s fictionalised “Country Song” story of the music and life of pioneering Australian country music star Jimmy Little.

12. Jasper Jones (2018)

Striking staging effectively took audiences to all the key scenes of Craig Silvey’s award-winning modern Australian classic novel “Jasper Jones” as part of the company’s 2018 season.  

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