Très chic circus talent

Limbo Unhinged (Strut & Fret Production House)

Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent

September 8 – 30

Strut & Fret are back at the Brisfest Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent, brazenly doing what they do best in, above and around the tent. From the moment we welcomed to the hot and whimsical world of “Limbo Unhinged” with instruction to get comfortable on the edge of our seats, its enigmatic appeal is evident. Its opening number is treacherous, tribal and very très chic. Indeed, this Strut and Fret show is more seductive than ever, and, at times sensual, sexy and sassy too.

start show.jpg

Although there is no linking narrative, a superb music score composed specifically for the show, ties its different elements together through its live ensemble performance of both sensual melodies and sexy beats. And the show’s elements are many, everything that made its predecessor, “Limbo” a worldwide success, only taken to the extreme as multi-talented performers from around the world showcase their skills in all range of ways, from musicianship and dance to acrobatics and circus routines.


Every scene is a visual feast, thanks in part to some spectacular costumes. And just when you think things couldn’t be any more sensational, there is extreme sword swallowing and fire eating from American femme fatale Heather Holliday. Other highlights include when performers balance on tall bendy poles with incredible movement, a dynamic tap number from Australian dancing sensation Hilton Denis and a thrilling Chinese Pole act from the acrobatic expert, Rémi Martin Lenz from Germany.


Strength and skill are on show everywhere as performers contort their limbs almost inside out and fly through the air. Canada’s Charlotte O’Sullivan and Monaco’s Nicolas Jelmoni are breathtaking to watch in their demanding hand-to-hand work, especially when she flips in the air and he catches her centimetres from the floor; the balance and flexibility shown in their feats make for a hypnotic audience experience. Suspense is tempered with lots of fun too, culminating in an end-of-show retro disco number, complete with performers on roller skates.


In “Limbo Unhinged”, Strut & Fret again cements modern circus as a legitimate art form, without making a big deal of it. The result is an energetic, vivacious experience, best enjoyed with a group of friends and plenty of bubbles. New Strut & Fret audience members will love it; those who’ve seen previous shows will certainly appreciate its seriously impressive talent, but will maybe have other preferences.