Shared sounds of story

Share House (Topology)

Brisbane Powerhouse, Visy Theatre

May 16 – 18  

I like Topology. They do interesting things and they do them well; “Share House” is another example of this. The ‘instrumental opera’, which is loosely set in the 1970s, fuses physical theatre and music to convey a narrative of fictional characters that progresses without any words. Rather, the story is conveyed using only the magic of the group’s original musical pieces. And it is amazing how clear events are, despite the lack of dialogue, as the music speaks its volume of emotions – from the longing of love unrequited that is captured by the soulful strings to the intensity of the ensemble’s combined criticism of one of their own (that one housemate who breaks things, drinks too much, sets a fire – you know that type, there is probably one in every share house.)


There is indeed an authenticity to “Share House”. As the laid-back instrumental sounds of Cold Chisel’s ‘Cheap Wine’ entice the audience, the scene is set beyond just the littering of empty beer cans across the stage. Complete with the contrasts of colourful, mismatched fabrics and the clichéd kitsch of hippy religious iconography (and a yoga mat), the Powerhouse’s Visy stage is authentic in its representation of the disheveled flat that is home to five dysfunctional bandmates and their story. And it is a story of pathos and comedy (complete with a twist in its tail), full of affection and fun. Accomplished as these musicians are, Topology’s team members all perform flawlessly and with impeccable timing, allowing for silence to speak as much as the show’s sounds. Although it might not inspire you to share a house, it will ignite in you a desire to share more of Topology’s talents and anticipate what these marvelous musicians will come up with next.

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